What's app experts can you see if someone blocked you?

Just wondering, apparently you can get a message to say you've been blocked by someone. But I can't find anything on it online and for various reasons I can't ask the person who told me🙊 does anyone know where that setting is if there is one? X


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  • 1. It won't give you a notification that you are blocked
    2. However, it won't show you their 'online' status
    3. Your messages will never deliver i. e. it will stay with the single tick, never a double
    4. You won't see their profile pic

    • I know all the other features. Just wondered if there definitely isn't a function to send a message once someone blocks you...
      Mind games :D

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    • *think lol I don't generally go round honking😂

    • Well I am not sure if any phone has come up with that feature that states that he's blocked by a user but I give benefit of doubt to technology on that. But as of how I know it, how I've stated above is the only way of knowing being blocked on WA :)

      But he may have just pulled a fast one on you to get you to mention that you did block him :)

      Ha ha ha 'honking' gives a lot of ideas lolol ;)

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  • the person blocking you won´t have an avatar pic anymore and sent messages will only have one check mark, never two grey or even blue ones.

  • That blocked messages pops up on the screen if u try to interact with the person who blocked you.

    You don't get a "citation type letter" for being blocked, silly girl! ;-)

    • Now u got me confused, does it tell u or not? As far as I know it doesn't lol. What's that thing about a blocked message that pops up?

  • i've never come across a way to tell if someone has blocked you only if you have blocked them.

    • And are you quite good with what's app?

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    • Lol ok I wouldn't know but a bit of stalking is always fun isn't it? ;)

    • always ;) fun and flirty is always a winner ;)

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