What does winning a car lease mean?


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  • It means you got tricked into taking over monthly payments. You won debt.


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  • I'm not sure you can "Win a Car Lease". A car lease mean you have to make payments on a car you don't own. It's kind of like a long term car rental.

    I guess if someone else was paying the "Car Lease" payments, then that could be a prize, as long as it doesn't cost you any money. What it means is that they would basically be letting you use the car for a set amount of time free. However, I don't see that as much of a prize.

    • It win a car lease for a tear and free insurance.
      So i guess I get to drive the car for free for a year and then give it back?

    • Just make sure you read the fine print. a lot of leases have limits on miles and stuff. You may end up getting forced to buy the car

  • It means you won a terrible lotto that involves paying interest,


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