How long should I expect a call back after an interview?

I had an interview for a global events management company which just recently started in mid August. I got the interview due to a guy i know who's wife is the manager there. I had my interview last Wednesday 30/09/15. She said she was going to pass on my CV to her manager and the recruitment team, and even stated there was someone just starting next Monday (today) and was thinking out loud in which she said 'maybe we could have you start at the same time, we'll have to see.' I have not had that phone call yet. How long should expect the wait? Im getting anxious because this is a well paying job which could see me move out of my current situation and finally getting a move on with my life


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  • How long after an interview it takes to get a response varies depending on the employer and how many applicants are interviewing for the job. If you don’t hear back within a reasonable length of time, it’s okay for you to inquire whether or not the employer has filled the position. However, for most jobs, you should wait at least a week or until after the suggested time frame has past before following up with a phone call or email.

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