What would you do if your kid was staying up past their bedtime?

You tell your kid to go to bed. They do. About a hour later, you go into their room and find them reading the Holy Bible with their phone light, saying Latin prayers and crossing themselves. You take their phone and see they're discussing Jesus with other Christians in a Christian forum. What would you do?


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  • First there would not be a Bible in my household. I would not stop them from reading it, but it would not be at home. Their phone would be taken away. Until they could keep their promise not to do this again after bedtime.

    • Why are you ignoring the possibility your kid got their hands on a Bible by themselves?

    • They may well have done, but it would go back to where it came from the following morning. They would know that it is not something to be welcome in our household. Kids are too young to be indoctrinated into a religion by anyone at a young age. Someone must have told them about the Bible, undermining my authority as a parent. That is the job of my wife and I to show them how to find out about ALL religions and belief systems, including agnosticism and atheism when they are old enough to think for themselves and to be able to understand.

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