I analyze people... bad quality?

i know what you will say , dont judge a book by its cover , i do agree sometimes but most of the time i've realized that i judge people and situations and iam never wrong i am seriously thinking about working as a personality analyzer or something similiar ( probably not though ) this really interests me , when i see new people i look at them at their clothes, facial expressions, features , feelings... etc whatever i can get and i ( within seconds or a minute really ) know what kind of person i am dealing with , how my approach should be , what should i expect from that person , and pretty much i feel inside the mind of that person , i dont go telling people what i do and i dont show it or desprespect anyone i realize other people try that , but from experience i've realized that the majority dont know what they are doing , dont care or suck at this... i dont , for some uknown reason , is it a talent i have? maybe , looking at a person and talking to him/her for a few minutes give me all the info i need , of course this is not an exact scienve there are always surprise , but you would be surpirsed at how effiecent i am at this , some of you might say " yeah i do it too " or " yeah this is just like me " but trust me you have no idea , you dont know how its like to be inside someones head , to know what that particular person is thinking or feeling on that particular moment or what kind of person he/she is and not be wrong.

I am just wondering is it turn off? does it scare you or at least make you think twice if you know this about me? would you think its unatural and weird.


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  • I don't think it is being judgmental rather you are just analysing people for your own benefit. It should be fine. Unconsciously all of us do this but some are expert in this. Maybe you belong the category of experts.

    If you are really interested in these field, why not go for criminal behavior studies. Its cool and more useful than just a "personality analyzer" (I assume both are different but if you think its same then its fine).

    It is something you developed and cultivated through time and obviously if you have something extra than all of us here then it is your talent.

    I am really bad at finding out how people are in first few minutes. I need to observe them over a time scale, experience things with them and then I get to know how exactly they are.

    Oh yes I do not have the capability of peeping into someone's mind though. :D Not without long observational session or long conversations.

    • Stupid English -_- this not these.

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    • will try to find a job that actually lets me practice this thing and actually make a profit out of it

    • You should make use of your talents for sure :)

  • I do the same thing.

    • i am pretty sure you dont

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