It's my birthday and I feel kinda meh?

I'm 20 today and I'm on GaG so as you can tell I'm not having the most exciting of birthdays

I'm at uni, and I don't really have many friends. I didn't want to make a big deal about it because when people ask me what I'm doing I look really pathetic because I'm not doing anything. It's kind of the expectation that I'd go out drinking but I don't drink which makes me uncomfortable because it's seen as weird, and because I don't really like being around drunk people. I'm also just really introverted and not good with clubs and stuff because they're really loud and you can't hear what people are saying..

So I didn't really tell anyone it was going to be my birthday, or have anyone much to tell tbh

My Mum has sent me some birthday gifts but most of them are going to be really late arriving, maybe not until November, because she didn't get around to sending them. She's been being sweet to me and everything but she wants me to be out with a load of friends and I'm just embarrassed to tell her that I don't really have people to do that with..

I had a fantastic day yesterday; I was at a protest march with a uni society I'm in and it was a really fantastic atmosphere and the weather was perfect etc. But near the end of the day I got my period and I had cramps and stuff which is still kinda making me feel ill today.

I didn't sleep very well, and then I had uni and I don't think I did very well in the seminar I had, so I was just feeling sort of annoyed

And then I came home and was on the computer, and still am. A couple of people have asked me to go along to sort of casual things this evening, but my brain is just telling me what I really need to do is have painkillers and consume chocolate until I feel sick

I'm not sad particularly I just feel embarrassed because I'm not doing what I 'should' be on my birthday.

My Mum has got me tickets to go and see these youtubers I've watched since I was 16 on their book tour, and I'm going to take my sister who's 11. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time it also makes me feel awkward because I know this event is going to be largely attended by 14 year old girls..

I don't really know what I want people to say to this, just if you can relate at all let me know maybe so I can feel less like a loser for not being very social and having failed to make very many uni friends so far even though it's my second year :/

If you actually read all that then thank-you, ily <3


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  • First of all... wish you a very happy birthday!

    Yeah, I did read it all. You remind me of myself, because I too have spent most of my birthdays alone. All I want to say is, things DO get better. We just need to keep our chin up until that happens. :)


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  • Yeah, I felt kind of like that on some ofy birthdays.

    Happy birthday!❤❤❤


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  • Hippo birdie two ewes!!

    All I can do is wish you happiness!!

    Take care, stay safe!!


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  • Happy Birthday! :)

    I have felt like that on some of my birthdays. I imagine it will be the same on my upcoming birthday, which is very soon.

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