How to drive on a really busy freeway (new driver)?

My friend lives next to one of the busiest freeways in california and i want to go to her house. the road has big rigs and people speeding. how do i drive on it if i dont feel comfortable?


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  • You'll have to have a decent speed cause if you'll enter that freeway at 50mph you're going to bring yourself and others in danger DEPENDING on where you enter it though

    But if you can take the time to enter the freeway, take your time. It's always best to be careful and defensive.
    Just slow down slowly at the lights, you never know who is behind you.

    And FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Use those 'Pinkers'! Those lights that show wether you go left or right, when you switch lane.
    I almost got killed the other day because someone just out of the blue, with blinking just takes a turn and appears on the same lane I was driving on


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