When he doesn't seem to care when you are sad?

I really like him. I've tried not to but I can't help it. He apparently liked me too yet never did anything about it instead he starts going out with another girl without even trying with me. I've been depressed ever since and I can't shake it off. I try to keep my cool around him but it is hard. Today when we were on the bus I couldn't take it any longer. It hurts so much when the one you want is with someone else even though he likes or liked me. I trying so hard not to cry that I was resting my head on my hands and he didn't even ask if I was ok. When we got off the bus he didn't even say bye to me and when I got in my car he stared right at me through the window and I cried right after. I still am. I know I seem pathetic but I really just don't know what to do. I will most likely run into him tomorrow how should I go about it? It seems like he really hates me or something.


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  • That's a really bad sign

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