Have you ever been in a bad storm, hurricane, or cyclone before?

I've been in some bad storms before. A couple years ago a tornado touched down almost a mile from my old house in Tennessee, I've lived through some bad snowstorms, a couple floods, and my grandparents lived through Hurricane Hugo in 1989. This weekend my home state of North Carolina and the neighboring state near where my grandfather lives was Ravaged by floods. Have you ever lived through a bad storm? What was your experience? How did you and others around you handle the situation?

Click on the link to see photos of the storm battered areas
I've been is some bad snowstorms before too


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  • I was caught in a really bad snowstorm on my way home from school once. It was January and -40 °C (-45 with the wind chill), and I was stupid enough to wear light boots (they were designer Campbell Lita booties). I normally get a ride home but my mom was at a business function and couldn't pick me up, so I had to walk. The snow was so high it reached my knees so I was basically plowing through it and snow was filling up my boots and freezing my toes. When I got home I immediately ran warm water over them and they were purple. Worst day of my life.


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  • Hurricane Ike back in 08
    I thought that roof was gonna either come down on me or gee blown away cause the house was making a few cracking and creaking noises like it wasn't gonna hold up. We lost power for a week, my highschool was damaged a little, the roof in the garage came down, and one side of our backyard fence was completely gone. Poptarts and dry cereal is what we had to munch on cause the milk spoiled after awhile. After the storm I found out my neighbor had a generator lol so while we were surviving 2nd world conditions he was sitting in his air-conditioned home gaming.

    • Wow where was this?

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    • Oh, Ike in Galveston?

    • Yeah, it hit Galveston and Houston directly. We don't see storms that often cause they usually turn towards Louisiana at the last minute like Rita in 05...19 hour evacuation for nothing lol

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  • Yeah a couple. Most recent one was sandy that I dealt with and considered bad enough for where I am