My dog's back cracks... What should I do until I take him to the vet tomorrow?

I live with my mom and her new husband and my two bratty little step siblings, as well as my new special needs Saint Bernard (he has physical ailment due to abuse he recieved from his previous owner (he's a rescue animal)). Last night something terrible happened. I was in the kitchen, making myself a snack and my dog starts yapping. I went to my room and my door is wide open (I always close my door) and the little brats are in my room, laughing and taking turns sitting on my dog's back while he struggles into a sitting position, and then a standing position (he has issues moving, so I help him with that, including getting on and off my bed and sitting, standing etc.). He was yapping and then before I could pull them away from him and there was this horrible crackling sound in his back (upper/mid).
Mom and I took my dog to the vet first thing this morning and she 'sternly' told the kids not to do that again. The vet took exrays, but found nothing abnormal. He said it may have been my dog's back adjusting to the weight of the children. But I've noticed that whenever I try to help him on and off the bed, or into a different position his back cracks (mid/upper) really loudly and if I touch his back I can feel it crack too... I made another vet appointment for tomorrow morning when my dad (he got me the dog) can go with me instead of my mom... but I'm worried... Is there anything I can do to help him until the appointment?

Note: yes, he is acting like it hurts, but nothing showed up on tbe exrays. He's about 3 or 4.

Right, I forgot to mention I just turned 18 two weeks ago. I take care of my dog all day and go to school online. I've had him for 4 months and nothing like this has happened before.


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  • Warm bath might help