What do you think of Holocaust deniers?

Recently I checked out a few videos on YouTube of Hitler giving speeches, because I hadn't seen the translated versions and I was curious, but anyway I was pretty shocked by the majority of the comments below them. It was filled with support for Hitler, Holocaust deniers, hate for Jews, etc. I knew those people existed, but I didn't expect to come across so many, even online.

Felt like I was in an alternate universe all of a sudden.

So in the spirit of that whole experience, I'm going to take a little poll on this site. Please do participate.

  • I believe that the mass genocide of Jews by Nazis during World War 2 occurred.
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  • I do not believe that the mass genocide of Jews by Nazis during World War 2 occurred.
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  • I'm not sure what to believe.
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  • Other (explain)
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  • the evidence clearly shows that deniers are retards


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  • I'm not a denier. However I did see some video about the holocaust saying the numbers don't add up. It did not say the holocaust did not occur but that the numbers were exaggerated. They said that there were not enough camps and resources to kill all of those people. Also they would no have place to hide or cremate all of those bodies.

    The video did have point. And I can also see why they exaggerate the numbers.

    Not saying I believe it. I'm just saying that's what I saw.

  • No It didn't happen no

  • it's a free world,...

  • The Jews were asked to leave and they went. Its all a new world order conspiracy just like the Nazis said perpetrated by the Jews of Wallstreet to fill their pockets.


What Girls Said 2

  • That's because these nazi sympathisers have been brainwashed to believe it did not exist.

  • I believe it I just wonder why we only hear about Jews being killed in the holocaust

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