Have you ever sang the theme song to a show, that you have seen in years?

I hadn't seen the show since I was a kid and remember the lyrics perfectly (weird right), Does anyone else remember this show?

  • yes, it freaks me every time I do
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  • nope, I can hardly remember what I did as kid
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  • kind of, I remember the tune not the words
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  • still remember all the words to animaniacs and freakazoid.

    • Aww Animaniacs! <3
      I love those guys.
      Maybe because...
      I can be as annoying as them lol. xD

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    • Oh, now I'm sad that I didn't watch freakazoid.
      I feel like I missed something great lol. xD

    • @BlueSJ: kinda? it sucks because it was probably funnier than animaniacs (both were produced by stephen spielberg) but only got through 2 seasons (24 episodes total). it's on my top 5 most underrated shows of all time.

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  • i watched Kim Possible when I was a kid and I still remember the lyrics to the song.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yup, they say when you learn/listen to/memorize something in your childhood, it is not easy to forget it.

    This is one of the first songs I listened to. I remember how I used to watch this with my first childhood friend. We used to sing it together while he makes fun of the girl's exaggerated expressions lol. Nevertheless, I like this song, and I still remember every single word. ^-^