Did any gaggers run away? What was your experience?

Run Forest Run!


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  • the longest i have been gone for when i was a young is like a few days and no one really noticed i was gone or didn't care i had a good time but i missed my bed and my own little space aka my room


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  • Running away doesn't really solve any problems just creates more.

    If you are being abused seek out s counselor and the athorities.

    Otherwise consider attempting to be an adult and solve your problems with rational communication.

    Runaway likely either leads you back home or a very tough life with prostitution, drugs or worse.

    • Bruh I wish I could run away but I figured a girl that looks like a lost 11 year old is kinda a target for weirdos lol. I'm not being abused I fucking hate my family and love to leave but I can't. I'm just wanted to here peoples adventure stories

    • I'll bet as time passes you will realize your family isn't that bad at all. Get good grades you'll be off to college in 3 years.

      Three years in life is nothing. Everyone has periods in life that aren't fun but you have to persevere. Look for support and guidance outside your family.
      Get into clubs and activities outside the house that limit your free time at home.

      Hang in there. Temporary discomfort.

  • I don't run, I fight. if you wanted to run then you can run but you can also hang around with friends and can take a stand. no one deserves to be abused. need someone to talk to? I'm here.

    • I'm not abused lol

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    • That's actually pretty badass! High five for anger issues

    • Thanks ;)

  • Unrelated question: how are you the Marshmellow KING and not the Queen?


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  • i have wanted to a few times but i knew that would achieve nothing but worry and hurt. i've never been okay with the idea of escaping from problems. id rather face em head on and get on with my life.

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