Does a bright happy personality make a plan girl beautiful?


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  • There is nothing more appealing other than looks than a girl who can maintain her positivity.

    • What if she is quite plain

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  • It's all going according to plan! My cheerful personality will win them over, and then when they are least suspecting... KABLAM! IT'S A FOOLPROOF PLAN! MUHAHAHAHA-AHAHAHAHA!

    I totally think so! Physical beauty is only a part of how someone is as a person. To me at least the most beautiful people are the ones that enjoy life the most. People who laugh, and smile, and take things at their own pace to have a great time.

  • i've never believed in the concept of a 'plain girl' or even a 'plain guy' for that matter. there's always something fascinating about everyone. it just depends on how visible those things are.

    but of course a wonderful personality lifts anyone =]

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