English question: does "north pointer = compass"?

china did not invent compass.
china was never an advanced country.

1) Writing
china was the last of the "ancient" civilizations to develop writing.

china invented writing about 3500 years ago,
Oracle bone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Middle east invented writing 5000 years ago.

European invented writing 7000 years ago, Vinča script.

2) Iron age
china entered Iron age 600 years later than Europe and Near East,

At the time, European used iron tools, chinese used primitive tools.
Iron Age - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3) Building
When European and middle east people built stone/brick houses, chinese kings lived in a mud palace.
The Great Pyramid of Giza was built 4500 years ago.
Erlitou, The capital of china (2100 BC – 1600 BC) was built by mud.
Erlitou culture - Wikipedia,

4) The so-called chinese inventions are all fake

4.1) Example, Compass.
The compass was invented in italy.

The pointer of the ancient chinese compass is as big as a spoon.
The spoon is put on the top of a board, and there is nothing else.
Compass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (china, Si Nan)
The ancient chinese compass could not work.

4.2) chinese calendar

chinese calendar was made by an European, Johann Adam Schall von Bell.

Johann Adam Schall von Bell , Wikipedia,

4.3) The so-called advanced ancient chinese ship.

Chinese treasure ship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It was a punt ship. It was not advanced.


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