Isn't this a stupid reason to want to beat someone?

I know this is just a cartoon from a Hey Arnold episode but this must be a dumb reason to beat up someone. They are always going to be people that simply don't like you.

Secondly, the bigger girl is 14 and picking on a little 9 year-old 4th grader. That seems cowardly. I know this is just a cartoon but if that Patty girl continues being that way, that's going to get her in trouble.

Besides why would anyone want a reputation of beating up others?


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  • I don't wanna watch 10 minutes of an episode.

    what was the reason

    • The Helga girl (the skinny one with pink dress) was telling jokes about the big Patty girl behind her back to her girls. Patty then overhears it and challenges her to a fight.

    • yeah that's not a good reason but children at that age never have a good reason to fight.

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  • They're in the same grade she's 14 and Helga's 11 she's not that much older and it's because she failed a grade. Helga shouldn't have talked about her in the first place she deserved what she had coming to her and she still didn't bet Helga up.

    Patty is actually pretty nice besides letting Helga go and giving Arnold the last pudding there was another episode when her and Ronda began attending a public school and Ronda was mean to her but she agrees to tutor her so she could be friends with her.

    Patty may seem like a bully but she isn't and the only person that new that from the beginning was Arnold. The lesson of story is to not judge a book by it's cover.


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  • uh yeah it's dumb and pretty sure that's the point of the cartoon.

    • True. It was good Arnold solve it and saved Helga from really getting creamed by a tomboy with anger issues.

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  • Well... That's 10 minutes well spent. I totally forgot about this show, thanks! Buuut, Helga's a bitch and the only way Patty knows how to deal with her problems is to use violence.