Could u please pick your favorite option?

So, I did ask this before, and hot great responses, but I thought of a few more obstacles and thought I'd give one more try, :) :) writing a story about this guy who cheated on his fiancé but has changed and wants her back. She's just days away from marring her new fiancé, when her best friend, a Witch, finds out about the ex and puts a spell on him to try and stop him from approaching her friend at a outdoor pre wedding celebration. He shrinks really small and I thought of these obstacles for him to endure. Think of your ex in these situations, which of these would u like to see of the tiny ex, and add anything. Which would be funniest?

- before he leaves his home, he shrinks and falls into a gigantic glass of iced tea, which is promptly picked up by his mother, who inadvertently drinks and swallows him down.
-or, he falls in a gigantic glass of water, when a huge Alka seltzer falls in with him and he is swallowed down by his grandmother.

- the second he gets to the party he shrinks and is discovered by giant young boy, who quickly captures him and wants to keep him forever. He pleads with the boy to let him go so he can get back to the love of his life, but the boy confidently responds with, Finders Keepers losers weepers.

- he gets to the party, and shrinks right next to his ex, who notices him, but unfortunately thinks that he's a bug. Because she hates bugs, she asks her fiance to step on him or she steps on him herself.
-he gets to his ex and gets on her shoulder, when he's noticed by her fiance, who thinks he's a bug and flicks him off causing him to land in a sticky spiderweb, and he's approached by the scariest sight ever.

- with his ex in site, he is quickly grabbed by a giant bird who swooped down and gobble him up. The bird then pooped him right out onto his ex girlfriends windshield.

Thanks :)

You're own ideas welcome too!


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  • I still vote for the third one!
    Squash, don't give any regard for that guy whatsoever. "Unknowingly squashes him", that's all importance he gets

  • Ahhhhhh... ooookkkkkaaaaayyyyyy!!!


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