Why do female Comedians use almost nothing but sex jokes?

iv wondered this like all the male comedians iv seen talk about funny shit but almost every female comedian is the same its sex joke sex joke some what funny jokes then back to the sex jokes


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  • Because women don't usually talk about sexual things. Among men, that kind of humor is bland and overused. It's something frat boys and bachelors joke about. Sex and men is a common topic, and hearing about it is nothing special. It's not overused among women.

    Not yet, anyway.

    • well i hear a lot of funny ass sex jokes from men but all the woman talks about like 80% of the time isn't funny

    • I guess you could say we have a lot more experience when it comes to that topic.

      "What do you call a 6.9?

      A good thing, ruined by a period."

      "Why do women wear thongs?

      So men can floss after they eat."

    • that second one though xD

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  • I find that it's because a lot of women are too afraid to get into the offensive stuff. The offensive stuff is always the funniest.

    • As soon as a woman says something offensive it's "people would be attacking if this were a guy saying it" though...

  • Because women aren't funny.


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  • It's probably just because you're listening for it. I always heard this stereotype and then I started listening to make comedians and they talk about sex just as much.

    • yes but they have funny jokes when it comes to sex a lot of females just talk about fucking

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    • amy schumer is just like sarah silverman

  • I wonder that too, but listen to some of Ellen's old stuff. It'll be refreshing and she's BRILLIANT!