Why doesn't being called "ugly" hurt anymore?

I don't understand--it used to hurt a lot, you know, being called stupid, ugly, all that. . .
However, it's like my heart is steel, words don't hurt me anymore--am I even human?
I hear it those words all the time, in the hallway mostly; they're whispering, "Look at his face. . ."
"He's ugly."
For some reason, I just smirk and laugh in my mind, thinking, "Yeah, I am! I am ugly! So what! One day you motherfuckers I'll show you all, I'll be laughing at you, when I'm at the top!"
What the heck am I? Am I starting to lose myself?


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  • You've risen above the ranks of the shallow sheep. Rejoice.


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  • I guess you've accepted it 100%.

    others have not or are just sensitive either way.


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  • You are definitely losing it, the truth is that people are way too occupied with their own lives to care that much about yours. you're just imagining them always talking about you being ugly.

  • I prefer to use the word "unattractive" than "ugly" since it sounds so mean.