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There is a crisis of masculinity in the western world, particularily amongst white males?


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  • Yes, I completely agree. There is a feminization of the male gender and a move away from the dominant, or I should say STRONG, capable, and assertive man. From chivalry, from blue collar skills, from archetypal character traits that embody the masculinity.

    As one user mentioned, there's also a trend of false and demonstrative masculinity without any substance. It's a farce to cover for low self esteem.

    Now, WHY this is happening is an entirely different animal. I'd be happy to share my opinion, if it suits you. Also, the quote is very apt in that it distinguishes this phenomenon to westernized countries.


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  • Very true.

    Is it depleting?

    Is it needed?

    Bisexual women are fine. Bisexual men are still weird. Is that ok?

    I'm 100% straight, but it's pretty plain to see that there's some kind of crisis causing a lot of changes.

    Problem is, I can't figure out what the problem is.

    • Youve said a lot but in the same time you didn't say anything, can you explain it even more pkease?

    • More and more men are becoming less masculine. Is that the problem? Or is the problem the fact that many men feel they need to be masculine?

      I guess I'm asking you:

      Should men be strictly masculine, and women feminine? Or should we blur the lines between genders?

    • As with everything else in life, i think balance is key.

  • Ha I wouldn't know