What are utilities?

I will be graduating from college this December and have (fingers crossed) a job in my field lined up that will start in January.

I want to save up a little money before I move out on my own. I am looking at apartments and plan on moving out some time next summer.

Except... what are utilities?

Now, I understand that they are things that come in addition to rent. But what are they? My parents keep telling me "it depends" when I ask them. I know it depends. I know some places include them in the rent. I know some places don't cover any of them. I know some places cover some of them.

But what are they? If someone could provide me with a master list of all potential utilities, that'd be great.

Let's say I'm moving somewhere that doesn't include any utilities in the rent and let's assume I want all the services.

So none of this "it depends" nonsense lol

Let's assume I want all of the potential utilities possible. What are they?

Trash, water, heat, air conditioning, internet, cable, phone? Anything else?


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  • Utilities, when related to houses, are things like electricity, gas, water, heating,...
    Take your time to make decisions on these. Things like insulation, fuel consumption, fuel price (including when the fuel is electricity) play a major role.
    You may find a low rental appartment with high heating costs because of all the air holes and the poor insulation.
    Or you may find an expensive one that is perfectly air tight and will cost you half the heating cost. And if has many windows it may require less lighting.


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  • I live in an apartment so utilities only includes 3 things.
    1- Internet.
    2- Electricity

    The "management fees" includes trash , UNLIMITED WATER , trash collection and security.

    It really depends on where you live.

  • You've pretty much listed them except air conditioning would come under electricity.

    Water, gas, electricity, and waste disposal are the biggest (though I can't think of any time an apartment didn't include waste disposal in the rent). Internet, phone, and cable are often provided all in one. There is renter's insurance, which many people opt for.

    And congratulations, by the way. What job in what field, if I may ask?

  • utilities are services that are directly for your physical home. These includes:

    natural gas
    water & sanitation services
    telecom services (cable / internet / phone )
    security system
    landscaping & pool service

  • Water, gas, electricity, trash… stuff like that.

    • What does "stuff" mean?

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    • The reason “it depends” is because the amount utilities cost changes based on the amount of water, gas, electricity… that you use. Depending on where you are and what utilities are offered it could be anything between say $75 and $200 a month.

    • It would be nice if everything in life were clearcut. It would make life much easier, but unfortunately that's not how life works. It is "and things."

  • Anything that isn't a luxury

    Luxuries are, internet, a. c./heat, phone, cable. All these things, you could technically live without, it would just be very difficult because we're so hooked on them. Those things cost extra but utilities are cheaper

  • Utilities are the basic services a house needs to function at a baseline level. Utilities can include water, electricity, heat, etc.

    The term utility is also a legal term in that businesses can be classified as a utility company. This puts them under different regulations than other industries.

    If you are renting an apartment, be sure to read through the contracts and see what the apartment owner consideres to be a utility. Don't assume he uses it the way you use it.

  • Water power cable Internet that kinda shit

  • utilities something not physically attributed to the apartment. like power, water, etc

  • no worries with a body like that its no gonna be hard blowing their minds and getting free stuff.


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  • Well it does depend utilities are water, gas, electricity (things like ac, heat and stuff will run on one of those three ), trash. I guess TV and internet can also be counted (even tho optional obviously) and that's it for me here.
    But other countries have different laws, sometimes there's an additional tax involved or one off annual charges, sometimes you have to pay for check ups on the house yourself.

    Why don't you ask your friends what they pay?

  • Utilities are electricity, sewer & water.