How do I unblock my shower?

Lately I've been having quick showers up to my ankles which is annoying.

Is there anything I can tip down there which will unblock it?


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  • Yeah, if you go to any supermarket or anything there's specialised stuff for this - it will say on the bottle; you tip the whole lot down there and it will sort it out :)


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  • Don't know where you're from but here we have stuff called 'One Shot' which is basically an adapted acid to pour down the drain which dissolves anything like hair or such gunk. I'd just ask in a hardware or bathroom store.

    • OK thanks, I'll hopefully be able to get something similar.

  • Go ask this on the Home Improvement Stack Exchange.

    They are house improvement wizards. They will definitely have an answer, one that works. It's like a machine for high quality responses from experts. I use the one for programming and it works great.

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