Ladies, if you could be a man for a day, what would you do with your day?

Tell us one thing you would do about the three aspects below:
1) Physical - (taking advantage of the male body)
2) Emotional - (have a conversation with a woman in a male's mind)
3) Mental - (listen in on a group of men in the garage watching a game)

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  • 1) I'd jack off as much as I could. See what it's like to get a legit refractory period and ptfo almost immediately after a good fuck session. Sleep with more than one girl to also experience the apparent variety in lady parts being tight/loose first-hand. Maybe go to the gym too. Extra time in the weightroom and get a taste of 'the pump'.

    2) Nothing. As a girl, I know how women think and have also already seen how manipulative, deceivingly 'innocent' and flirty they can be.

    3) Chill with my guy friends and listen in on how they talk about girls, how much information they divulge and how much truth there even is to it.

    • that was ummmm... detailed. LOL.

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    • Is there anything you think I left out that women want to experience as a man?

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  • 1) I'd like to both jack off and have sex with a girl to see what it's like for a guy

    2) I feel the same way about this as @KaylaS91

    3) finally, I'd just want to have a conversation with the guys to see if they're honest with each other about their feelings, how do they really express their feelings (meaning do they have emotional conversations like girls do or is it different or do they start the conversation differently) and I'd like to get their take on girls, what they like and don't like, and life in general.

  • 1. hopefully it would be a strong, fit body. i'd get under like 405 and do REPS. hahaha
    2. find out what really turns her on and drives her wild. to get her wet without touching her.
    3. hmmm... it'd be interesting to see how guys are with each other when females aren't around. like if they are in relationships i'd want to know what they say about their partners and how much they talk about the physical part of the relationships.

    • so you would just sit there and lift weights if you were a guy?

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    • i honestly dont care to know what that feels like. haha

    • Nothing wrong with it. Just curious to know what women think like.

  • 1. Stick my penis in a girl
    2. Compliment every girl I see so their day will be better
    3. Figure out what the hell guys are thinking

    • I like your answers.
      1) Can I ask why you want to stick a penis in a woman instead of just playing with yourself?
      2) Didn't think about number 2 as a possibility. Although I would love to compliment ladies but without them thinking I am trying to creep on them.
      3) Is there a specific situation you are looking to learn about more? Or just in general?