What's my friend best solution?

Today, my best friend been robbed by people in his own class. He told me during his gym class, candy fell out of his bookbag and everyone in his class stole it. He ended up getting half of the stuff back, others still had it on them. And in his 2nd peroid, the same people who stole his candy passed his wallet around the class, while he was in the bathroom. Once he walked in, he saw a girl had his wallet then threw to this other boy. Let's call him Kev and other boy Z. So, Kev caught his wallet and he said that he seen him looking at him while taking something from it. This is the second time Kev ever stole from my best friend, because last year, he stole his thin mints and ate it up. And he gave him a second chance, but he blew it now. Kev passed my best friend wallet to Z and Z did the exact same thing. All of a sudden, it just disappeared until the principal and the police officer searched everyone. Kev gonna pulled it once they got to him and claim that he caught it from someone. I was shocked when I heard what happened, because that was $80 dollars gone. He was going to use it to buy his new game afterschool. What's his best solution? I told him change into my class since it's very small than his or go online schooling.


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  • It's just candy. Let it go


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