How far is too far?

I didn't want to give all the details but I guess I have to for this to make sense...

I have feelings for my college teacher friend. He's a grad student and he's more a friend than a teacher...

It's probably not allowed, but we had lunch and hung out last weekend on Saturday, and now we're even closer friends.

I want to have dinner with him this weekend, but for some reason that seems more serious than lunch and I don't know how to ask him without scaring him away or something.
I mean, he says he wants us to be friends, so it shouldn't be weird...

This is just so... difficult.

He really treats me like a friend, but... If I ask him out to dinner, would that be going to far for him? For some reason lunch and dinner seem to be on two completely different levels to me now.

No one can know what he's thinking, but it would help to get some input.
I can't really talk to my friends about this... For obvious reasons.


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  • Ask him his thoughts on dinner

    • just... ask?

    • Yeah you're asking his thoughts about the subject. Its a way of asking if he's open to it without asking him out proper

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  • You could joking say, "I'd ask you out for a dinner date but not sure if students and TA's are allowed to date haha". Then you'll know by his reaction... gl

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