What's a good topic for my evaluation essay?

I don't know what to write about

i need
- a thesis
- 3 body paragraphs for my 3 points
- a counter argument
- and a conclusion

i dot know what's a good topic though


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  • Pick anything that you find interesting. Essays are bar none super easy if it's a subject you love!


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  • Something controversial and has a lot of sources for both an argument and a counter argument I did one about fast food and how it's not their fault for making fat people

    • that's a great topic, mind if I use it?

    • Sure you can use it I recommend watching fathead which is a counter argument to that vegan pansy that did supersize me

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  • Any social issue will do.

    Example: gun control

    So much shit you can research on gun control to easily hit 10+ pages.