Is my height good for an asian?

I'm 5.8 1/2 and I'm chinese. How is it for an asian? How tall are most Asians that you know?


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  • My boyfriend is Asian and 5'7. I knew one guy who was Chinese and around 5'11, another who was 5'6. One of my girl friends who's Asian is ~5'4.

    Your height is fine. I don't see why you're wondering if your height is good 'for an Asian' though. Why the need to specify?

    • Asians are shorter on average

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  • You're a motherfucking Asian GIANT!

    • I wanna live in asia for a while to feel what it's like to be taller than the average. Must feel good.

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  • My Chinese American boyfriend is is 5'11". I think he is tall for an Asian though. At least that is what he says.

    Hope that helps:)

    • definitely tall for an Asian

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    • I hope he realizes he's lucky as hell!! My brother is 5'11 and that alone makes him super popular with girls. His relationships never last because frankly, his personality is a little derpy lol. Height alone is so much power!!!

    • I think that intelligence is power, don't you?

  • I knew a Vietnamese guy who was 6'3 or somewhere around there. But on average I think you're fine.


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