Four facts one lie?

Comment 4 facts about yourself 1 of witch is a lie.
I'll try and guess witch fact is a lie (you can also guess for other people)

My facts are

1. I don't have Facebook
2. I don't have kiki
3. I don't have twitter
4. I don't have MySpace

Good luck

I mean

1. I have Facebook
2. I have kiki
3. I have twitter
4. I have MySpace

Sorry about that
Never mind ignore the last update


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  • 1.) Today I collaborated with some other people to write a 5500 character story about fluffy, the majestic pink unicorn who kept shitting everywhere and curb stomped his friend to death.

    2.) I am currently playing guitar in a random spot outside as I go on GAG (it's about 12:50am here)

    3.) I'm currently wearing a t shirt with the design being lips and and a giant tongue sticking out of it

    4.) Today I was eating a hotdog walking back from class when I passed a table advocating for animals rights (like PETA). They were very anti meat consumption and stuff. I stopped and talked to them for a bit. It was awkward because of my food.


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What Guys Said 8

  • 1) I swam across an international border
    2) I've been to six colleges
    3) I fell off a horse and broke my arm
    4) I slept in an alley

    • 2 is the lie

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    • 3?
      It seems the most likely to happen...

    • Yea that's it. I fell off a horse once, but I've never broken any bones. Lol, a friend was trying to teach me to ride horses and I sucked at it. The horse was only walking slowly when I fell off.

  • Does anyone still use myspace? I am guessing that one is a lie.

    1 I have jumped out of a helicopter more than once
    2 I got to hang out with Chuck Norris
    3 I did not have sex before I turned 26
    4 I still play with legos

  • 1) i dislike ma skin color...
    2) i love retro video-games...
    3) ma fav food's rice...
    4) i have stretchmarks on ma body...

  • 1. I'm still virgin at 20.
    2. I have never kissed before.
    3. I have plenty of friends.
    4. I'm relatively happy and not sad about things in general.

  • 1. I dont have facebook
    2. I dont have twitter
    3. I dont have Whatsapp
    4. I dont watch TV
    5. I dont play videogames

  • 1, I prefer to give, rather than receive oral sex
    2, Growing up my dream was to be a priest
    3, i love to drink beer
    4, I am left handed

  • 1. I a cat
    2. I want grilled cheese tomato soup tomorrow
    3. I am Kurdish
    4. I killed a man once by accident

  • i dont have a girlfriend
    i dont have a car
    i dont have a job
    i dont have a mobile anymore cause it broke

    opps! its all truths... .

    • That's to bad...

    • yeah like you give a fuck. you have your own life to live. i'm a prideful loser, i dont want your pitty.

    • Okay

What Girls Said 4

  • 1. I'm in love with with the most amazing guy
    2. I love the cold
    3. I am addicted to caffeine
    4. I'm a big fan of old school hip hop like wu tang and tribe called quest and slick rick and blackilicious

  • 1. i love everything about the cold
    2. i am 5 foot 3
    3. i love Guns N Roses and Van Halen
    4. my favorite movie is 21 jump street
    5. i am going to london, Ireland, and scotland next August for two weeks

    • she said only 4 lol and 1 is your lie

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    • Is it number 4?
      Or maybe 5...

    • @asker its number 4 my favorite movie is Tangled. i am super duper excited for my trip to london, Ireland, and scotland not so much for the 20 hour flight to Dublin.

  • 1. I hate summer
    2. I love sleeping
    3. I wear contacts
    4. I have too many siblings

  • I lived in Alaska.
    I have had a threesome
    I love to cook
    I listen to any type of music

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