Which one of these things do you think that you could endure?

Stabbed in the arms with hooks then have them yanked out and then thrown in a pool of alcohol, salt and lemon juice.

Hit 4 times in the face with a sock with a pool ball in it.

Tarred and feathered and hit 3 times in the stomach with a sledge hammer


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  • Jesus Christ. Uh, probably the first one. The alcohol would disinfect the wounds, probably.


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  • I would supposed I'd pick the one that leaves me the least disabled. The sledge hammer can brake ribs but those can be fixed and in time it would heal. At least it will leave the arms and face in a normal condition. So I'm picking 3.


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  • Second but will ruin one of my best features.

    • Not really.

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    • Whatever lame trick.

    • Hey come on, you can't insult a person and aspect nothing in return, good come back of "lame trick"