Is this saying true?

I have heard that it takes more effort to make someone sad, to make them cry or to hurt them in some way but it doesn't take much to make someone smile, to make someone happy. Many people keep saying that and I have also heard it many times, read it many times.

I don't really believe it, logically speaking but anyways is this saying true? Yes I am talking in general sense, be it men or women both.

I would like to know your opinions on this one.


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  • i don't believe it either... basically it depends how sensitive/thick-skinned someone's...

    it'd be far more easier for xample to make a sensitive person cry of course than make him smile... ;)


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  • It is opposite with me. I cry easy 😭

    • Is it so? . Why? if I may ask? are you a person of soft heart? like being soft- hearted is an appealing quality. Do you believe you are a sensitive person?

      You can tell me brief if you want too of course

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