I'm the kinda person who no one likes or wants to talk to unless it is to do with work, how do I handle that? I feel like they use me. Ignore them?

highschool 13

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  • You say they don't like you yet you're the one they come to for help. In life if you can help someone don't hesitate. They may see you as the only person with answers and pretty soon they'll see as a friend they can rely on. A friend you can rely on is rare, so continue to be the great person you are.


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  • Keep it lite and semi sweet as you do Just That here, Dear... Work with them.
    They sound more like Fair weather friends that you can do without. However, keeping it strictly business will tell them that you don't take no monkey business, On the Job And... Off.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You gotta just put a smile on your face and keep on going. Misery will devour you. Find reasons to be happy in your work. Let them into your life a little and see if you can engage in small talk then follow up on things they've told you. Like if they say they're going on a trip ask them after how was it and is there anything they'd recommend. If you plan on going out to dinner with friends ask them if anyone has tried the new Italian place or whatever. You might find a friend in there over time