What do you think about a guy willing to go through surgery to change his skin color?

Personally, I have a skin color which is undesirable to girls. I think I look okay but my skin color drops my overall looks to probably 3, which is why I've never had a girl liking me in my life. I see a lot of guys of my own race who are lighter skinned get much more attention from girls, even those who's features are similar to mine. My approach and confidence is fine so I've come to a conclusion for a while that it's my skin color. The only type of guys of my race and skin color who do well with girls are the ones who are either really tall, rich, or buff. I'm neither and it's a struggle with girls of all races, including my own. So if a guy is of my race and skin color, he has to really stand out in order to get attention from girls. You can say get buff but I don't get gains as fast as others plus I don't have that much time either due to being more focused towards my future. Therefore, I've really thought about becoming lighter skinned. Not necessarily white like transracial Michael Jackson type but still lighter skinned. I think that way, I'll finally have girls being interested in me without having to be really tall, rich, or buff. It may be expensive but I'll try to save money for it. I'm wondering what everyone else might think of it. If the reaction may be negative then I'll move to a place somewhere where no one will know me.


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  • "The only type of guys of my race and skin color who do well with girls are the ones who are either really tall, rich, or buff."

    How long have you been on this site for, men of EVERY race keep saying this so changing your skin won't do anything. If your skin colour was so undesirable then your race would be dying out wouldn't it? You're being melodramatic. This is not the reason women don't want to date you.

    • I don't think any white guy or guys of other race who are light skinned would say that. Even black guys don't struggle usually. The ones who struggle among these guys struggle because they either aren't fit, not confident, don't dress nice, hygiene issue, etc. I never had any of these problems but what's fact is fact. Girls place a huge importance on a guy's race and skin color. And my race isn't dying out because in my native country, guys of our race are the girls only option usually. Not to mention, the guys can compensate by being either tall, rich, or buff.

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    • Whatever...

      are you Indian are you?

    • I'm not gonna state which race I am, just gonna say I'd rather be any other race or any other skin color rather than my own. Maybe not Asian cause Asian girls leave them for white guys and non Asian girls don't like them in return.

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  • I think it is sad, if you want a girlfriend go talk to the girls don't wait for them to talk to you. it never works that way

    • I've approached 100's of girls in my life at least. I've lost count. I see other guys taking the same approach and don't have the same problems. However, almost every single guy of my race and skin color who isn't tall, rich, or buff has girl problems.

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    • No because my skin color isn't desirable to girls. Unless you're of an undesirable race or skin color, you would never know what I'm talking about.

    • i am still trying to figure out which color you are talking about

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  • "My approach and confidence is fine"

    Don't be so sure.

    • I'm pretty sure. I have friends who do well with girls that have seen me in action and they say my confidence is fine.

    • With all due respect, if you were 'confident', you wouldn't for a second think that you need to surgically alter your skin colour in order to get girls.

    • After years and years of no success, what else is one supposed to think? I guess your definition of confidence is difference than mine. Confidence is one thing but false hope is another.

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