How does community service work?

What are the things you can do? Can you chose what you do? Are there usually on campus... do you choose at what time you come... what are the different roles... And if you had some how was your experience and feeling about it


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  • It seems like you have court appointed community service? Lol. In most cases even then, but otherwise of course you do (!) have options in where you work.
    I think community service is really rewarding and humbling and good for the soul, and I think EVERYONE should volunteer at least once a month.
    Choosing what time you come is less flexible- it's usually in the morning around the start of a work day. But at some non profits, for example, their needs are for an event in the afternoon, or even evening, like setting up for an auction, serving food at a shelter, etc.
    The best way to find a fit for you is to make a list of your interests, and then see what you can do in that field. You can even call a non profit in your area and ask what you can do for them, offer your time and commitment.
    For me, the list looks like this: wild animals, nature, parks and trees, domestic animals, the hungry and the poor, children and the illiterate.
    Places frequently looking for volunteers: churches, homeless shelters, rescue centers, friends of the park department, habitat for humanity, libraries, etc.
    If you are required community service hours, you'll just have to ask them if they could sign off a sheet saying you've fulfilled them, and then check in with whoever wants those hours to make sure this specific place is acceptable to them.
    With luck, it will turn into a life long habit

    • Yea but it's high school community service lol... I'm not apointed by court...

    • I was more wondering if there was some on-campus community service.. Like tutoring, cleaning and so on

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