Are you at a disadvantage in the world in general if you are not attractive?


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  • Yup - pretty obviously so.


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  • Attraction isn't about your superficial appearance.. it's about how you make others FEEL when they're with you. This is fundamental truth nobody taught me when I was young, but I wish they did!

    Being attractive is so much more than your physical looks... it's about how you think about yourself, how you behave, how you hold yourself, how you dress, how you smell, and the people you hang out with. It's about your resources, who you influence, how you talk, stand, sit, sleep. Are you fit, happy, or good at telling stories? Do you help people, or hurt them.


    So if your question is "if someone doesn't take care of themselves and eventually expresses themselves as unattractive are they at a disadvantage in life?" then my answer is yes... but they've orchestrated their lives that way.


    ~ Robby


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  • Yes. Would you rather spend time in a work environment with someone who is attractive or someone who is ugly? That attitude permeates much of our society.

  • Attractiveness is only really helpful to you if you're female. It doesn't help guys much at all.