I need help! how do I write a paragraph on developing self-confidence?

how do one develop self confidence?
it need to have a hook, thesis, 3 supporing ideas and a concussion sentence


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  • a concussion sentence? :/

    • yeah why?

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    • thanks but i try doing that but can't find anything that make sense to me, i just though someone here will be able to help me on how to start it

    • well research is the most important thing to writing a paper. you should always do your research before you even start your intro/thesis.

      this is the online definition of self-confidence: a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment.

      so in your intro/thesis, quote and cite that definition and then write a body paragraph for each of the characteristics, which are feeling and trust in one's abilities, explain what that means and give a few real life examples. qualities and judgment, same thing, explain what those are and how they correlate with self-confidence, then give a few real life examples.

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