Rate me as photogrpher (photo)?

rate me as photogrpher (photo)?

rate me as photographer 1-10
and rate editing skills 1-10
and explain why?


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  • Could do with better lighting. The girl in the picture could be photographed a bit further and also the windows in the background don't really fit into the picture. I think this picture is deciving because it's in black and white, speaking of which, not sure why you made it so.

    Photo 6
    Editing, I don't do photography/graphical editing so can't say

    • why window dont fit?

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    • I meant to say "contour"

    • i dont understand u still...
      u said no contrast and bcoz i made it b&w, thats why it decieving?,,,
      the original was in color, but i wanted to add a little bit drama to the picture and b&w was the best solution, also, i didn't do anything on automatic mode, i editing everything step by step, no fast filters
      actually, u can't get same with just simple filters

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