What to do when you dont care about anything ?

Lately I have felt tired, emtional and as unmotivated as you could imagine.

I dont know why.. I dont know how to fix it. . You know I have it bad when I buy chocolate in the middle of the week without caring. I normally very good at prologing it to tje weekend..


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  • Juz say fawk da WORLD! Im OUTTA here!


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  • Is there something causing extra stress and/or anxiety in your daily life? If there is, perhaps you can focus on seeing what you can do to alleviate that issue. Maybe you'll feel better. Focus on the things you enjoy doing, too. I know that's easier said than done, but try.


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  • when you don't care about anything you do whatever you want

  • Do you sleep well?

    • No... not really or I guess I sleep on

    • Going to take a blind stab and say it's about what you are eating, but then again could be something that happened or who even knows.

    • Well im quite health concious.. so I eat my proteins, my care and my fats. . But I haven't eaten enough vegtables lately.. maybe thats my problem

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