Any super hero fans 😊?

Who's your favorite what's your favorite movie or show hero is spider man movie is dark knight and show is daredevil 😊


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  • Yes!! The arrow, flash superman!!! Spiderman's cool but not as good as those three!! Who doesn't like superman?

    • I don't. Superman now is crazy OP it's not even funny.

    • He's soooo boring I hope batman wins 😊

    • No one can win against that new Superman Prime 51 or whatever it was. I pretend like he doesn't exist. I still maintain that Deadpool can win but that's because I'm an unapologetic fanboii.

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  • ME ME!!

    And I can't tell I have several favorites. But THE most favorite would have to be The Flash. I like him because he's the only one who's not dead serious OR the opposite of that. He's pretty balanced out and memorable as well as likeable. That and the fact that he's among the most powerful superheroes without being either super strong like superman or with some energy powers/magic shit. When you think about it, the Flash might just be the only Justice League member who can go against Superman and not only survive but maybe even win. No other JL or most other superheroes can do that.

    Then there's also Batman because of his principles.

    • That was the quickest MHO lol thanks, dude :)

      I also forgot to mention Superman. The Flash, Batman and Superman are my favs in that order. When I was a little younger they were my least favorite for reasons like "they're overpowered, they can't lose, they have plot protection" and as a result I turned to superheroes that were as realistic and ground in reality as possible. Like Wolverine or Spiderman (notice how both are from Marvel).

      But then I took a 180 again and started liking the three childhood favs. The reason being that comics are a story medium. They're meant to invoke thoughts and feelings. To inspire. And that is what the big three do best - they each inspire. Sure Spiderman does so too but there's just something about F, B and S that makes them unique. Superman's the lead to follow - the perfect example of morality. Batman's principles are a guiding stone and the Flash's selfless nature is inspiring.

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  • I like daredevil too and I like the Black Panther.

  • I love Thor and batman is good

  • For comics, Storm (Ororo Monroe from X-Men) is my favorite. I love lightning and weather, plus she's gorgeous

    But to be honest, I like majority of the X-Men comics, especially the ones from the '90s - '00s (Jim Lee and Joe Mad's runs). Nightcrawler, Psylocke, Rogue, Gambit, Phoenix, Sage, Bishop, etc. etc. are all good to me.

    TV show, I love love love Daredevil, it's one of my favorites of all time. Charlie did such an amazing job as Matt Murdock. I can't wait for the Defenders show!

    Movie wise, I really like Constantine (I love Keanu Reeves, but Matt Ryan on the tv show was way more accurate to the comics). I think Captain America: Winter Soldier was really well done and I enjoyed the first Thor movie.

    It seems like I'm a big Marvel fangirl... but I do like all sorts of comics. I'm excited for Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman (Wonder Woman finally!!!)


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