What do you say to a girl that just got raped?

Without giving away any personal information she is a friend of my girlfriend and I don’t know her very well. I would want to go bash the little fuckers face in with my boots but he is already in police custody. I guess now what she needs is emotional support and I kind of suck at that. I just feel kind of helpless about it right now. Has anyone here had to deal with it before? Is there anything I can actually do to help, or should I lust leave her in the hands of people who are better at the whole emotional comfort thing?


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  • don't say anything.. sometimes a hug and a shoulder to cry on is all you need..

    • Thanks, That may be the best I can hope to do. And maybe make sure she gets some food and water.

    • yeah,.. this will only get better with time... right now she probably doesn't want to listen to anything.

    • thanks for MHO. :)

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  • "I'm not going to tell you everything is gonna be alright. I'm going to tell you to hold on tight, because this is going to hurt like hell."

  • I know the feeling, same thing happened to one of my friends. But, he got away with it.

    • I think that just pisses me off even more. just remembering how often shit like this happens.

    • Guys who resort to rape to get what they want are WEAK!

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