What do you do to conquer anxiety?

We've all had stressfull / high anxiety situations and I'd like to hears ome suggetions on how you cope with it. This upcomming week I have to teach a class and being a genreally quiet / to myself kind of person I'm really nervous about it. I hardly talk as it is so talking for 8-hours a day for a week sounds like torture. Any ideas?

-I've heard the "just breath" suggestions already and I get it but I'm looking for something a little more helpful
-No I can't get sauced beforehand. The forum I'm presenting in isn't the kind of environment where that would fly.


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  • This may not be helpful to you, but what I do when I'm extremely stressed and on the verge of or in the middle of a panic or anxiety attack is pray. I pray and then I listen to music or write.


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