Having a sense of helplessness in life?

I grew up with a very controlling father. I listened to him and let him dictate the career i pursued. Now I have a degree in a field I hate and I feel helpless about what to do next. I feel needy and sometimes I just want a man to propose to me so I don't have to be alone. I always just wanted to be a wife and mother. I want to stay home and maybe work part time.

I have a new boyfriend and I am so scared that he will think I am just lazy and needy. He knows I did not pursue my passion because of my dad. He told me it's ok and I shouldn't feel inadequate.


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  • If you are going to be a house wife, are you going to cook and clean and not complain how boring your life is?


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  • It can be very hard to change when you've learnt to be very submissive and dependent.
    Hard but possible! You've got to retrain the way you think. Try and think of a goal you would like to accomplish but find hard to due to feeling helpless. When you subconsciously or consciously tell yourself you can't do it or you're not able, remind yourself that you can. Then go do it. Try it with something small. It might just be learning to communicate what you want better. Keep reminding youself that you can do what you want to. You're opinions and choices matter!

    Going to a psychologist may also help. They generally know a few strategies.