This girl used to look at me all the time. I dismissed it even though she looked at me all year. It's my fault too because I would catch her looking and make brief eye contact then look away like it was casual.
She would stare at me when I would talk to guys and when she was with her friends and I would pass by, she would zone out and look at me and her friend would yell at her to pay attention. I dont have her for any classes but I sometimes see her near the door talking to her friend who has the same class as me and they would both just look at me. They would literally stop what they are doing and stare at me until I walk in. I would just look down on at my. phone and walk into my class. After class, I would walk out and see her there and she would just make eye contact with me and I just walk away with no face expression and never turn back.

Peeps helpppp me


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  • 1. she's a lesbian (zone out thing you mentioned)
    2. she doesn't like you (the way she and her friends stared at you) or she heard something bad about you
    3. she might be want to be friends with you but because you turned your head away she thought that you're a snob

    if she's in your class, why won't you talk to her? I mean just say hi, you'll know what's going on with her from her reaction

    • Those are pretty good answers. It was last year when I had her for a class. Now I dont. She still stares at me and waits outside my class with her friend and just stares.

    • then just ignore her. She must be really obsessed or something if she keeps on doing that even when you're not in the same class anymore.

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  • She may think your pretty, I stare girls down who I think are just gorgeous and I do this until I tell them that their pretty. If I don't I stare and I know it's uncomfortable.
    Or she may just like how you dress or how you carry yourself

  • She probably likes you