What is your dream car, and why?

For this question, I'd like to see answers more sophisticated than "A Ferrari because it's expensive and shiny.".
I would like to see specific answers. Not just a make and model, but maybe a trim, year model, generation, etc. and also why it is the car of your dreams. Does it make fantastic noises? Is it because racecar? Does it carry your entire family and half a house?
Stuff like that. :)


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  • A Nissan GT-R 2014
    A rich Chinese friend of mine owned one ahah, he drove me to school with it several times and taken me home at night. Its AMAZING. I fell in love at first sight, its so fucking gorgeous 😍 and just sitting in it is just so comfortable, and cozy. Thing is he wants to be a racer driver so he always went extremely fast in it, and it just smoothly built up the adrenaline, its not like extremely rough like other cars when you push down the pedestal. And I love looove the sound it makes. Best times were at night time when there was no traffic and he just sped up like no tomorrow, I legit thought I was gonna die every single time. 😂 But too bad I ain't rich :( and I don't have drivers license... And he already sold the car and bought a new one so no more rides from that car again 😭

  • I want a Tesla model X either in matte black or shiny dark red
    -The main reason that i want one is because its a fully electrical car and electrical cars are the future and i guess i'll be contributing to a cleaner future.
    -The reason i want a Model X and not a Model S is because the X is an SUV and i always like to have a lot of space because with my family you never know what u might have to transport; extra people, a freezer a desk chair, a bicycle etc etc plus i plan on having three or four kids so extra space is always welcome (the car can legaly transport 7 adults)
    -i really like the exterior design of the car
    -i love the fact that you are able to open and close the car AND sound the claxon through smartphone or computer
    -and last but not least the car can go 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 3,4 seconds which is not bad at all for an SUV!

  • My dream car is a Bentley, for some reason I've always liked them since elementary school. I remember writing an essay about it lol. I don't care what year it is, I want the Continental GT. I like the design of it & the logo makes it even better. It would match my style & I don't have a family, so it would be the perfect size for me.

    • The Continental is beautiful! Great choice!
      Would you pick the 650hp twin turbo W12 or the 500hp twin turbo V8 model?

  • My dream car has always been a Chevrolet Camaro especially the old ones , new ones too.

  • (this probably isn't the answer you were hoping for but) my dream care actually is a Ferarri Italia 258. I love the shape of it and I love how it looks good in every colour it is available in. I do love the noise of racecars, but i don't really know exactly why it's my dream car, i guess it's just everything about it? It has been a dream car since I was 12 and went to monte carlo and saw about 5 of them, each in a different colour, lined up in the streets. I just fell inlove with it.
    It just matches my style I guess.

    • I'm assuming "258" is a typo and you actually mean the 458, which is a seriously awesome car. I can't believe it's nearly 7 years old already!

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    • You have a loud and raw Italian V8 behind you, how could you not have a heavy foot? :D

    • hahah puzzles me, i guess it's just in my nature

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  • The 90s Toyota Supra, in their stock or at least mostly-stock look (i. e. without all the crazy aftermarket body kits/spoilers/rims, excessively-lowered bodies, etc. that it's become known for, lol). Here's an example:



    I get that the car is heavily modifiable and all that, but there's just something about the stock form of the car's look that is so definitive to me, whenever I picture a sporty car. I suppose that growing up in the 90s with Asian relatives and in an area with a lot of Asians, cars like Toyota's Supra and Honda's NSX were the ultimate dream cars for that kind of taste, LOL. xD And that big arching spoiler still appeals to the little kid in me, ahaha. :P It's not the most "photogenic" car in pictures by any means -- even in my opinion -- but when I saw the way it looks in person for the first time, I just fell for it. :P

    • I was hoping someone would say this!
      I shouldn't even have to say why I like this opinion so much. Supras are just awesome cars. Most specifically a manual turbo model!

  • Right now I've been really wanting a Lotus Exige S, because
    -it goes 0-60 in 3.8 seconds
    -it looks badass
    -its a little coupe with great handling
    -it can get 39mpg highway

    I don't know, it's mostly cause the speed and the looks. There are many cars that I'd love to have, that's probably the first one I'd buy though.


    • It might not do 200mph. It might not have a billion horsepower on tap. (well, it could if you bought a Hennessey) but it will smoke the pants off anything in terms of grip and corner speed!

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    • Because it's highly illegal and I'd probably die and I don't really have access to a road that I could go that fast on.

    • As Sonic La Beouf would say... Just gotta go fast! :D

  • you know there is something about an Audi R8 that is nice. its not too expensive like all the other supercars out there, yet its in the supercar league. not extremely flashy yet elegant. the basic V8 model will do perfectly in white. and it would only be for dates and fancy occasions.

    • I agree! The R8 is excellent value for its money, and Audi Quattro AWD!
      Although I don't think Audi has taken the styling of the second generation the right way. The original models were pretty much perfect to me, but the new models just look... bulky and boxy.
      But you gotta get the V10 man... Lambo designed and you can push 2500hp if you wanted to put the money into a racecar... because racecar. c:

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