Why is he so non-chalant about my plastic surgery?

I think I'm done having kids. From my stand point I don't think we will be together much longer although we've been together for ten years.
I mean I want other kids but in this relationship doesn't seem like it will ever work out

I'm debating getting surgery and he's just like "do what you want". is that all you want say to someone u want to be with forever?

I could die you know...


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  • He doesn't want to be seen as dictating or making you do something you don't want to do. I thought that would be a plus for you?

    Moreover, your statement that " From my stand point I don't think we will be together much longer although we've been together for ten years," is just so telling.

    Gee, what do your children think about you cutting their (step) father loose, especially if he has spent years caring for them?

    And if you don't care enough to stay with him, why do you expect him to care about your surgery?

    • You don't automatically stop caring about someones existence that you've known for ten years just because a relationship is over. Why i might leave is because of him , he has money troubles that I have to keep bailing him out of. This has gotten me 5,000 in debt
      And he's still not changing his ways when it comes to money.

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    • I knew him three years before we has a kid together. I didn't know we'd be together this long. I was really young. How he was with money unraveled after we moved in together. I tried to help him. But I can't anymore. I'm always depressed and unhappy. I can't take it anymore

    • I feel old because of him.

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  • He doesn't want to force you into making a decision you may regret, that's why he's telling you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable. It's up to you.


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  • The only thing I ever say to a woman who asks that is, "as long as you know he risks, as well as how much would cost", it's your body after all, not my money, right?

    • Yeah but I'm a woman that has his kid. I would expect more than a few words

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    • Where's the helpful part? Up ur ass

    • Noone ever said this site was helpful, you're taking this too seriously, lighten up yo

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