Any Advice on Moving?

I'm making a pretty big decision. A friend is renting an apartment about 2 hours away from me and wants a room mate. While I don't currently have a job, he did mention the factory he works at is looking for people. My funds are very limited, but with help from my parents I should be able to make it without a job for a few months while helping him pay for rent.

I never moved or lived on my own before. Was wondering if anyone here had any advice about moving, like what I should know, things to prepare for, etc. etc.


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  • 0-realize you will play monthly

    1-be willing
    willing to clean up your mess right away
    willing to cook no more fast food

    2-know your friends habits before moving in

    3- good luck hope you gain a vagina to along with those balls the struggle is for real


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  • You look like rob kardashian. Secure yourself first by landing a job. Things will go awry once those couple of months fly by.


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  • #1 know who your moving in with.

    #2 always have funds to pay for rent, food and utilities.

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