I just had the weirdest dream what is going on in my real life?

i dreamed that i went on a run with my dog and it started out sunny so i was in a t-shirt, sports bra, and running shorts but then it started raining and we both got very muddy so when i got back to the house i put my dog in my back sun room so i could get changed (and then i would give her a bath and she would track mud through the house) but as i was getting changed i realized two pathetic middle school boys were spying on me and at first i hid behind my dresser hoping they would leave but they did not so i threatened them with the 9mm under my pillow and then they left and then i woke up.


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  • lool, thats weird, but I've had strange dreams myself... very strange ones. We all do. Normally, for me, my dreams usually have something to do with what I've done that day or what I've thinking about throughout the day so...
    Hopefully, you'll get some nicer dreams tonight, maybe about clowns


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  • Maybe you have a fear of peeping toms? Hahaha that's crazy though!