Can you suggestion any anime like nana? An anime thats realistic when it comes to relationships?

Or anything worth watching. Thanks



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  • As far as I know, Clannad and Clannad After Story is a good bet.

    Steins;Gate and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood are also good bets although the romance itself is somewhat secondary.


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  • Hana yori dango is a classic. Read the manga about 3 times and watched the anime about 2. Paradise kiss is made in the same style as Nana is made. The mangas are written by the same author. Cat street is a manga that was never animated, but it’s worth the read.

    • anything else? I already seen it?

    • I am more of a manga reader than anime watcher. If you could ask me about mangas I could tell you a ton, for example: Nana to Kaoru, Peach girl*, Itazura na kiss*, Lovely Complex*, Billion Girl, First Girl ( amazing story, it’s just addictive). Inuyasha and Ranma ½ are again extraordinary. Classics. * means they are in animated form as well

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