Friend zoned? i'm hurt?

(Yes we are lesbians don't judge and i dont care that this isn't "girls ask girls") So basically i was friendzoned after she led me on and so like today i was like to her.. you bettter answer these questions truthfully or ill cut you out of my life. I ased her... does she have any feelingsfor me. And this was after i poured out my heart to her and told her how much i love her and she replied with "same" or "ok" "not really" after that, she confessed how she already has a girlfriend and didn't want to hurt me.

My stomach ached all day long. I'm literally trying to find anything to make me move on.
The worst part that got me hurt that she lead me on...


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  • Try think of it as a lucky escape. Look at her girlfriend now would you rather be dating her knowing she's playing games behind your back. You have every right to be upset but try move on and find someone amazing