Why did she do this?

I know this girl who I met while at a prestigious University.

I later ended up withdrawing and am now stuck at a second-tier program.

When I ran into her, she was really nice initially, suggesting I pull out a chair which I did. Later on she said, "Yeah, it's not for me, everyone's really fake,' to which I nodded, somewhat surprised. She even said, 'That's a great program,' when I told her where I was at.

She was then asking if I found the program easy because I had done some of the pre-requisite courses, to which I replied that my school was a lot like the ex-school, so a lot of the work starts later.

She looked taken aback, and cut me off before I could finish, almost like she was shocked I could possibly compare the two. Later on when I was talking to this acquaintance who didn't seem to know who I was, she purposely, (wanted me to hear it), started laughing loudly.

I didn't get it; she's the one who was talking as though everything was fine, so why the sudden change in behaviour? I noticed when her 'friends,' were asking where I was studying she was paying close attention with a smile on her face.


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  • She's evil, what do you expect? She's fake and stupid. Going to colleges and universities for an education is useless. The only people who benefit from them are the one's who are at the top of the class. Everyone else has to find another way to make a living on this dumb planet. We're all fucked now because of Agenda-30. GG, humans. You all did nothing while the powers that be destroyed a pretty decent planet.

    • I genuinely don't get it. I would expect some differences kept because that school is just one of those elite schools and that's the way of the world.

      But why would she be so nice and respectful and suddenly turn evil? Doesn't make sense.

    • That's how some people are. Don't worry. They're going to pay someday for their terrible behavior.

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  • Because she's a phones succumb us who preys on what she believes to be the misfortune of others. She's insecure in her own position which is why she talk badly about you to elevate her position. Maybe she's unhappy in the program and wishes she could drop out but out of fear of losing face, she stays.

    Or maybe she wasn't talking about you at all. Maybe you're the insecure one and you're projecting your regrets about dropping out of the program on her. Maybe she and her friends were sharing a really funny joke that had nothing to do with you.

    Who knows? But if you're happy with your decision shake it off. Even if she was having a joke at your expense, it's her problem not yours.