Born This Way? What About Yourself Would You Change but You Can't Because You Were Born That Way?

For me it's my short neck, my knocked knees and my small ears. But hey, I was born this way and I've learned to love me.


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  • My freckles? But I got used to them over time. Now I forget they are there sometimes.


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  • I would change my under bite and I wish I didn't have my birth marks but hey you learn to love or at least adjust to it.


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  • I will say everything about me except my skin I was born with flawless skin :)

    • If that's you in your profile pic, i honestly don't see a thing wrong. You're a cutie, chica. But you're lucky to have flawless skin. Wish I could say the same. But i do love my caramel coloring.

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    • I've been bullied all my life for it since I was in kindergarden haha it sucks but I kind of just accept it now but im still insecure about it especially around men who are rude about it and I dont blame them and for nair and waxing I can't use them I have very sensitive skin I get blisters from those products so I just shave or pluck my hair so yeah Im pretty much screwed with it damn the genes I got and laser is freakin expensive 😥

    • I want to try waxing, but I've no idea how to go about it. I've been hairy since kindergarten myself. I started pubes pretty early.